Where to find solutions to PDPU SLS previous year papers?

To get solutions to PDPU previous year papers and PDPU sample Papers; click here.

Students, who are preparing for PDPU SLS are lucky as all the previous year PDPU SLS entrance tests have been made available by the university itself on its official SLS website. As, it is a well known fact that in order to prepare for any exam, previous year papers are most reliable resource.

Most students, who wish to clear the PDPU entrance test, take these PDPU previous year papers as reference. A keen analysis of these previous year papers suggests that there is a lot of focus on general awareness. 40 % of the paper is based on GA. Other sections in the PDPU entrance exam; QA, VA and LR weigh 20 % each.

One issue that students face is that, although PDPU SLS previous year papers are available, where to get their answers from. And, this issue has been addressed. In fact, it has been more than addressed.

Now, in order to practice for PDPU entrance exam, student can attempt all the previous year exams in an online environment as live test. All the PDPU SLS previous year papers starting from 2014 to 2019 have been made available in online test format. The test will run as a live exam for 90 minutes. And at the end of this time interval; the students will get solution to each and every question with proper explanation.

Apart from PDPU previous year papers with solution, PDPU sample papers are also made available which are on the same pattern as the actual PDPU entrance exam.

To get solutions to PDPU previous year papers and PDPU sample Papers; click here.

Our expert career counsellor, Rachita Rasiwasia, says that verbal and GA sections at PDPU SLS entrance exam are make or break sections. “VA at PDPU SLS is quite challenging. Apart from grammar, vocabulary and comprehension, the exam also tests applicant’s literary skills. There are questions based on figures of speech, structure of sentence etc which are not found in any other exam.” She says. So, if one wants to excel at PDPU exam, he or she must focus on these two sections.

Then obviously, there is QA. Although, QA at PDPU SLS entrance exam is slightly less challenging as compared to VA and GA; it does require a lot of practice. Similarly, logical reasoning section at PDPU SLS entrance is slightly on the lighter side, but it also requires practice.

“The practice of the PDPU SLS entrance exam has to be time bound. As one has to solve 100 questions in just 90 minutes”, says Rachita. Time is the main reason; most students find the PDPU entrance exam difficult despite the questions on the test being straight forward.

That is why, it makes more sense that when a student is practicing with PDPU previous year papers, he or she keeps a tab on time. Taking a time bound PDPU sample papers on ‘Thetestexpress’ portal will prepare students for the actual exam pressure, and then the solutions given on the submission of the exams, will cover all the gaps that are left in the preparations.

To get solutions to PDPU previous year papers and PDPU sample Papers; click here.

Another aspect of any entrance exam preparation is the assessment of the preparation level vis-à-vis other applicants. PDPU SLS entrance exam 2019 was attended by over 2500 applicants. So, it becomes important that the student gets to know where he or she stands as compared to other applicants.

Writing the PDPU sample papers and PDPU previous year papers at the test express portal will give the applicants a very fair idea about the preparation level as compared to other students who have attempted the same test on the portal.

To get solutions to PDPU previous year papers and PDPU sample Papers; click here.

Advantages of Solving PDPU previous year Papers

Following are the advantages of solving PDPU sample papers:

  • With the regular practice of PDPU SLS sample Papers on a regular basis, candidates can improve their speed, efficiency and time management skills and analyze their weak areas.
  • By attempting PDPU sample Papers and previous year papers; candidates will be able to realize their weak areas so that they can work upon them.
  • The PDPU Sample Papers will allow candidates to have an estimate of the difficulty level of questions in the actual entrance exam.
  • The PDPU sample Papers will also teach better time management to the applicant.
  • The PDPU sample papers and previous papers will also give a complete picture of the exam pattern and marking scheme in the entrance examination.

To get solutions to PDPU previous year papers and PDPU sample Papers; click here.