Preparing for DUJAT 2021? Here are 14 things you need to know

If you are planning for a college in Delhi University, you are likely already preparing for DUJAT. DUJAT is short for Delhi University Joint Admission Test. It is conducted by Delhi University through National Testing Agency, NTA. Here are 14 things you should know.


1. DUJAT enables you for admissions to Management Studies (BMS), Financial Investment and Analysis (BFIA), BA (Hons) Business Economics (BBE).


2. It is a Computer Based Test with 100 Questions to be attempted in 2 hours split across 4 sections. The marking scheme is +4 for every correct answer and -1 for incorrect answer.


3. DUJAT requires you to have Mathematics in 12th boards compulsory to be eligible to appear for the exam.


4. The admissions in Delhi University are based on weightage of 65% DUJAT Score and 35% Boards Top 4 subjects (English, Maths and other two).



5. The number of questions used to be 25 across all sections till DU JAT 2019. In 2020, the numbers however varied across exams slots and were not equally divided*.



No. of Questions (2020)

No. of Questions (2019)

No. of Questions (2018)

Quantitative Ability




General English




Reasoning & Analytical Ability




Business & General Awareness





*based on the information available online. The numbers may vary from slot to slot.

6. Topics covered in QA Section include: Higher Maths Topics (11th and 12th Maths) – Functions & Graphs, Inequalities, Calculus, PnC, Probability, Logarithms, Matrices & Determinants, Sequence & Series, Conic Section, Trigo & Inverse Trigo, Binomial Theorem, Limits & General Maths Topics (Up to 10th ) – Time Speed Distance, Time & Work, Ratio & Proportion, Geometry, SI CI, Percentage, Equations, Number System.


7. The Topics included in the General English section are:

  1. Reading Comprehension
  2. Vocabulary Based Questions
  3. Error Identification
  4. Paragraph Jumbling
  5. Grammar Based Questions


8. The Topics in logical and analytical ability section consists of - Circular & Linear Arrangements, Blood Relations, Syllogisms, Analogies, Assertion & Reasoning, Directions, Coding Decoding, Statement Conclusion, Visual Reasoning, Odd One Out, Clocks and Calendars


9. The topics in General and business awareness section include

  1. Static GK
  2. Current Affairs
    • Different Indian and World Organizations – Appointments, Awards, Events
    • Business Awareness – Top CEOs, Awards, Appointments, Taglines, M&A
    • Political News
    • Sports
    • Others



Preparation tips


10. Read Newspapers Daily. At least 6 months of Current Affairs is expected to be known to students. You can focus especially on Business and Finance News.


11. Focus on Vocabulary building. Read books. Use word a day apps or softwares to help you.


12. Do not neglect 11th Maths. NCERT, RD Sharma books should be covered properly.


13. Practice Topic Wise, Section Wise and Full length mock papers with timing and on a computer screen.


14. Analyse each and every test and work on your weak areas